Fish restaurant Stralsund
fresh fish from the baltic sea

Menu - fine dishes with regional products


Clear fish soup with fresh vegetables large … 9,50€
or small portion … 6,50€
Bloody Mary fine tomato soup with black tiger prawn …9,50 €

Small dishes

Small Appetizer: Fischermann´s Shot - herring tartare on bread and caraway liquor ...2,90€
Salad with orange fillets and walnuts, raspberry or balsamic vinaigrette and baguette … 3,90 €
Garlic bread …2,90€
Radicchio Chicory Salad with Black Tiger Prawns, Pumpkin seed oil dressing …13,50€
Marinated salmon or hering on potato rosti with horseradish …12,50€


Baked spaghetti pumpkin with homemade ruccola pesto …11,50€
Potato noodle pan with vegetable julienne or sage butter and parmesan … 12,50€
Risotto - with fresh mushrooms …14,50€
Rosemary potatoes with Cream cheese …6,50€

...from the sea

Fried pike perch, on cabbage with thyme potatoes …17,50€
Steamed cod roll stuffed with salmon farce, served with balsamic pearl onions and mashed potatoes .…17,50€
Fried perch with mini potatoes, butter and cream cheese .…18,50€
Fried plaice with fried potatoes …15,50€
Marinated herring, cream sauce, fried potatoes …11,90€
Pickled fried herring with mashed potatoes, onion melt and small salad ...10,50€
Fish'n chips - breaded cod fillet, French fries …11,50€

Schnitzel, Steak & Co.

Special: Fischermann`s Burger from the Black Angus or with chicken breast on the lava stone grill, with Emmentaler cheese, caramelized bacon and fries 14,50 €
Goose breast on homemade red cabbage with potato noodles …18,50€
Stewed ox cheek with sweet potato fritters and homemade red cabbage … 16,50€
Fried pork cutlet on roasted potatoes and salad … 13,50€
Viennese schnitzel of veal with lemon, anchovy, mini-potatoes and herbal cream cheese …18,50 €
Fried chicken liver with mashed potatoes and melted onions …11,50€


Hiddenseer Sturmsack - Cream puffs with vanilla ice cream, cherries …6,50€
Homemade spice cake tiramisu …5,50€
Chocolate cake with banana yoghurt ice cream …6,50€
Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and cream …5,50€