Menu with fine dishes with regional products


Ostsee-Bouillabaisse - fish soup with fresh vegetables 9,50€ / small 5,30€
Apple-onion soup au gratin 4,50 €

Small dishes

Small Appetizer: Fischermann´s Shot - herring tartare on bread and caraway liquor 2,90€
Caesar Salad with Bacon Chips, Egg and Croutons 9,80 €
Marinated salmon or hering on potato rosti with horseradish 9,70 €
Tender fried chicken liver - with marinated apples and port wine shallots on bread 7,90 €
Garlic bread 2,00€
Small mixed salad 2,90€
Pumpkin soup in a bread terrine 7,90 €
Pearl barley risotto with roasted mushrooms 9,50 €
Fresh vegetables in Tempura baked with teriyaki sauce 8,90€
Omelette with cherry tomatoes and cheese 8,50€
Rosemary potatoes with quark yoghurt dip 3,60€

...from the sea

Cod, from the baltic sea, with a potato crust, cabbage and mustard sauce 15,90€
Pike-perch on yellow lentil curry and marinated tomatoes 16,90€
Marinated herring, cream sauce, fried potatoes 11,90€
Fried plaice with fried potatoes 13,90€
Sea bass fillet, fried, sautéed oyster mushrooms and pearl barley risotto 15,90 €
Herring pan - with a Matjesfilet, fried and pickled herring to roasted potatoes and a small salad 11,90 €
Fish'n chips - breaded cod fillet, French fries 9,50€
Mussels with root vegetables in white wine soup small 8,90 € /large 12,90 €

Schnitzel, Steak & Co.

Special: Fischermann`s Burger from the Black Angus or with chicken breast on the lava stone grill, with Emmentaler cheese, caramelized bacon and fries 14,50 €
Striploinsteak 300g served with herb butter and small salad 27,50€
German classic: Schnitzel - fried pork cutlet on fresh seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes 12,90€
Tender fried chicken liver - with marinated apples and port wine shallots on bread 7,90 €
Smoked pork loin - with smoke sauce, baked plums, pureed beet and roasted onions 14,90 €
Chicken breast on toast with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions and bacon, with salad 11,90 €


Hiddenseer Sturmsack - Cream puffs with vanilla ice cream, cherries 5,90€
Sea buckthorn Variation: with buttermilk ice cream, mousse 7,50€
Homemade tiramisu 6,30€
Chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream and even more chocolate 6,50€