Offer for tour groups

The "Fischermann's" restaurant has plenty of space and is therefore an ideal partner for tour operators. We also offer special dishes and menus for groups. Friendly and professional service is guaranteed. Tour guides and bus drivers dine for free. Bus parking near the restaurant, between "Gorch Fock" and the Ozeaneum, is available.

Menu for Travel Groups

Offer from 30 persons


Small side salad 2.90€
Crab foam soup with croutons 4,50€
Small Baltic Sea Bouillabaisse - clear fish soup 5,30€


Sliced pike with steamed potatoes 11,90€
Marinated herring fillets with homemade remoulade, with baby-lettuce and fried potatoes 10.50€
Fried coalfish with fresh market vegetables and potato mash 12,90€
Cod fried on potato apple ragout with dill sauce 13,90€
Pickled fried herring, homemade, with side salad and potato mash with onion melt 8,90€

From the grill, pot and pan:

Sliced chicken breast with basmati rice and small salad 13,20€
Schnitzel - breaded roasted pork (german traditional main course) - with market vegetables and roasted potatoes 12,90€
Pomeranian roast pork with sauerkraut and steamed potatoes 12,50€
Calf boiled beef, horseradish sauce, beetroot and steamed potatoes 15,70€


Yellow lentil curry 8,90€
Potato herb goulash 9,50€


Dessert of the day 5,20€
Cream puff with red fruit and vanilla ice cream 5,90€

When choosing 3 main courses per group (from 30 persons), the price/main course is max. 12,90€.

Tour guides and bus drivers get 1 main course and 1 drink for free. To guarantee a smooth process, please at least 3 days before arrival the food selection report.

Coffee & Cake

Set I: coffee or tea without end & 1 piece of cake (tangerine cheese, poppy seed crumble, raspberry lime, apple with butter crumble, cherry rhubarb) 6,20€
Set II: coffee or tea without end & 1 piece cream cake (Tiramisu strawberry, sour cherry chocolate cream, almond tarta with Daim, tangerine cheese cream) 6,80€

Please select max. 2 sorts of cakes / pies per place setting